I Just Can’t Tell

There are plenty of times to doubt oneself. What happens if you do it all the god damned time? Hello neurosis, it’s like you never left.

An old old friend, and easily one of my favorites contacted me recently. He just wanted to wish a happy holidays and to say hello. We did a quick catch up an reminisced some. Dude has a full blown family. Which stands to reason but blows my mind. He tells me they reads my books to his kids. My heart squeezes. That kind of validation is priceless.

I fret over building an audience. I’ve convinced myself I have no qualities worth sharing or worth notice. Statistically speaking, that is not true. The are like minds out there who might glean some sort of something from my mish-mash. Of the billions of people on the planet, there must be a number, however small, that would find value in this blog and my mindless blathering. Which is weird for me to really contemplate.

What a strange mouth feel.

In the middle of escorting Grandma on an adventure across country. Destination: family reunion in central U.S. of A. Farmland country. I have a lot of, what I think, are great musings on the topic. I’ll share more as time goes on.

For now, I need to sleep, the twelve hour drive is depleting.

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