In Time

Alright, let’s just put this out there. I am not doing anything responsible with my free time. At least, not today. Being as I’m not nearly as moody as I was yesterday, I’m OK with this. I am comfortable in knowing I’ll get to it. Eventually. I will eventually get into being all responsible and addressing tasks that need addressing. In time. Eventually. They’ll get done.

I’m looking at this whole episode, the one get getting back into the swing of things like exercise. I know how exercise benefits my mood, my bearing, my smarts, my health. Once I get into a regular exercise regiment, I crave it. So beneficial, I have a hard time living without it. If I happen to break that regiment, life becomes a painful bit. The benefits I once gained from my exercise are now sorely absent and I am left struggling to adjust.

The reverse is just as true; getting back into exercising is just as painful as falling out. The discipline, guilt, frustration, all of it has it’s own bite. 

Now, this simile translates quite easily when applied to other facets of my life. Eating healthy, art, relationships, exercise. I imagine this little theory plugs into most people quite nicely. Therefore I’ll gift myself with a carefree mind. No nagging, no guilt, no shame. I’ll get to it when I get to it. With a high confidence I can report I’ll get to it sooner than later.

So what am I to do now? I’ll play a couple of video games, run off to work, and have a good day. A well rounded carefree day. That’s what I’ll do.

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