Inching Forward

Everyday I’ve been drawing and every day inching my way towards getting this here book done. “More Different” will be finished soon. I’m aiming at April. My black and whites should be finished in about two weeks. Touch ups of watercolors, another week or so. I will have all imagery finished before the end of February. Poetry and such will be worked upon throughout the remaining phase. I just need to keep doing what I’m doing, a little bit each day.

And as the finishing of the book draws near, my attentions and thoughts turn towards publicity. I’d really hate to finish such a huge project and release it to crickets. “Odding” went that way. It hurt. It’d be in my best interest to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

In anticipation, I’ve been working a little harder to advertise. I’m upping my Google+ page, I’m reviving my Facebook, I’m attaching myself to art forums. The plan for online is to try to release something at least once a week. Let everyone know I’m here. Let everyone know I’m producing. Offline, I’ll be looking for shows. Art fairs, craft fairs, and the like have always been profitable for me. Given I invest wisely, I should be able to do just fine . . . Now that I think of it, hanging in coffee shops and the like would do me well, they’re free and every little bit helps helps.

Long story short, I am working and working hard to get all this rounded up. Drawing, painting, writing, advertising; I liken myself to a one-man band. Supposing I use the instruments I have, with all my extremities just so, I just might make a little diddy.

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