Internet Down

Yeah, as per the title, no internet in the house. Disorienting, to be sure. As I wrote this from a library parking lot, I wonder. Given how much of my life is spent on the internet, games or whatever, is this recent development a bust or a boon?

My sober side chants, “Boon! Boon! Booooooon!”

With my eyes unable to soak up the cyber world, I’m left looking at my real environment. It’s, uh, it’s not pretty. The house is an ungodly mess. Neglected laundry and debris scattered throughout. Dirty dishes? Fuck yeah! Projects that were delved into then abandoned, those, too. Messes and all.

I guess as I adjust to a life less escapist and more real, I’ve got some work and adjusting to do. You know that nervous energy you get when jonesing? That anxious energy is gonna have the house tidied up in no time. If my experience with nervousness is correct, fridge, oven, and the whole of the bathroom will be sparkling.

And soon after, life will revolve around adjusting to those frayed nerves. Exercise will be more routine and intense as will meditation sessions. Both of which are highly desired. More attention will be given to foods and sleep habits too. Not at all bad when I think about it.

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