Sucks when I write a giant post only to have it erased. On the bright side, the post was horseshit rambling and I get a second chance to make something more relevant.

So, introversion and self reflection. I love both. In manageable doses. The best practice getting regular alone time AND with time with others. Introvert, extrovert no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable it’s good to spend time on both side. Practicing a healthy balance, even. No matter how comfortable or uncomfortable finding that balance might make a person.

The message may be directed outward but it’s also preaching to myself. ‘Tween you an me, I don’t do enough extrovert stuff. I’m most comfortable in my own head. It’s a challenge to climb out. And way way dangerous to be in too long.

Today’s challenge comes in the form of a team building exercise at work. So many strangers. Makes my skin crawl. What’s a feller to do? I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna make the best of it. This here is good practice for shows, networking, and getting myself out there. The more I practice, the less it bothers.

Gonna put the best spin on this mofo and watch it twirl.

Talk to you again in a few days.

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