iPod Entry

I am away from the creature comforts of my studio. I am out in the world and fretting over getting the book done. living up to those bold declarations I made yesterday. I am armed with two things, a sketchbook and this iPod. Sketchbook for making darling little creations, this iPod for writing charming little verses, the unconventional system I have set up is working. Thank God, so am I.

I worked deep into the night last night writing poems. The latter half of that writing session was compromised by fatigue. That means I wrote more substance than quality, which is good and bad. I have more to work with and also more flab to cut. Either way, I’ll take it.

Minor drawing concerns await. I am mostly found drawing when I need a break from writing. It keeps those skills warm while I bide my time finishing this project. I am ontop of two sketchbooks each plentiful with fun loving sketches. As a commenter alluded not so long ago, maybe I should share that stuff. I am inclined to agree.

School starts Monday. I am monetarily poorer for it, intellectually and opportunistically richer. I do enjoy school even if kick my butt over maintaining straight A’s. You know, give myself a stress dirt-bath just to toughen a feller up. Or send myself to an early grave. Dark humor involved in that last sentence but I lean harder on the “humor” aspect of the ratio.

Alright, back to rhyming. The worst part of writing on this tiny device isn’t the typing, it’s the editing. That said, it’s not so bad.


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    • Frankly, I don’t know. I am starting with a very general Associates of Science and then go on to Major in Biology. Despite my heart’s protests begging for Art.

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