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It really is!

I’ve been looking over the competition, the kids book market is oversaturated. Jesus, it is. The market always has been. And since the advent of personal publishing, really anyone can and does do it. Like YouTube channels it is vast; quality, variety, and consistency vary widely. The whole thing feels like I’m staring down an ocean wondering how I’m gonna swim across. Or at least stay afloat.

What do I have in my favor for this adventure? I got me some skills. The craftsmanship is high and it shows. My discipline and focus are in a good place. Motivation comes and goes, but it’s there. My job, while a time sink, affords me some financial security. I’m single, or single enough, which gives me a lot of social mobility. Years of experience. Independence, smarts, and spirit. There’s a few things.

Not gonna list detriments. Those come often and naturally enough when I’m tired.

Among all the hats I wear in life or in business, I do wonder. There is always a time when the smaller details can hijack the larger scheme of things. All those addages, idioms, sayings and platitudes are true; its the daily commitment to it all. Neglect one skill and another will take its place. If you’re not mindful, it’ll probably be a bad one. When there is a prize to focus on, the rest really does naturally fall in line.

Feels like that last paragraph is a mess, the thoughts are there but still concealing into a whole.

Take care of the basics so you can focus on the larger prize. If you don’t, them nagging basics will distract your attention off the larger goal. Or worse, you chase your larger goal at the cost of your humanity. Efforts to focus on that sexy prize need to be practiced, too. Ultimately, there’s a balance to be had. As in all things.

We’ll work out the kinks of this post in the second draft

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