I need to put more effort into advertising. Let’s legitimize all this art stuff, poetry, writing, designing. Got tons and tons laying about. Am I good at sharing as I am producing? Not so much. Gonna change that, definitely gonna share more. Getting out of the studio and experience more of the world, well heck, that’s a bonus. There’s so little in here and so much out there.

So how does a feller like me go about this? Dunno. Well, kinda. I’m guessing I’m gonna go about it like I do every other important decision in my life: carefully and methodically. Show, show, show, as often as I can. Right now the goal is to do a show once a month. I’m feeling awful greedy. If I could I’d do it once a week, I would. Lord knows, I have the inventory, the paintings, the desire! . . .

Let’s, uh, let’s calm down and let the passions subside. Patience makes better decisions. We’re in this for the long game after all. There will be lots of time to chase loves soon. In the meantime, you know, responsible stuff. Finish that third book, get them ebooks formatted and uploaded, work that work, pay them bills, get some money saved. No, such things aren’t at all glamorous, but they keep a feller grounded. Grounded and honest. Respect to responsibilities, yo.

I’m gonna draw a picture, write a poem, dutifully work on projects close to home and vie for the time when I can be free. Scheme my way into some sight seeing along the way. For the time being, show when I can, finish up The Strangest Thing, and continue to dream through and through.

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