Keepin the Dream Alive

I have the whole night to myself. Waking up to the vast amounts of time, my imagination danced with images of how best to recreate. To sum things up, feeling good.

At first, that euphoria of freedom was nice, that sense has subsided as second thoughts were had, there remain responsibilities. Not “responsibilities” as in “dour chores”, more alongĀ  the lines of paying tributes of affection to loves. That is to say, lend a little more than talk or guilt to hobbies, let’s prove it with actions. First on that list is this blog, next up . . . Well, we’ll decide that in a moment.

Yesterday in an attempt at doing art I was distracted by Google’s hangouts. Remember how I mentioned in past posts that I’d like to create a little art hangout where people got together and just did art, chatted one another up, and, you know, just made company for one another while we did our thing? I can say with a smug giddiness that that intent is one step closer to reality.

Last night, I actually did dabble in the programming behind live streaming. Which means I can, in fact, make a little hang out and create art whilst hanging out. If you want to see the video of me jerking around online while setting things up, you can actually go on youtube and see a terribly lit me murmuring as I read the terms of service and figure things out. I’ll replace it soon enough with a serious attempt; as of right now, I’d like to leave the meaningless video there as tribute.

Artwise, there is a who’s who of work to chose from. I’d like to do some art which are more abstract or expressionistic. Nothing too serious, just a departure from the formula. Preventing things from stagnating. As I look into my crystal ball, a few hours will be lent to trying something a little newer and a little different; after that, the usual per norm.

As I often write, there is also the peripheral things. Tasks like updating the webpage/webpages. Were I smart, I’d just combine this blog page with my main page. Then there’s book stuff, which I lend tons of lipservice and guilt to but never really tie that knot. Concerns over finishing up a HUGE project to lackluster or, worse, no attention are what fuel that procrastination . . . All in due time.

Let’s get to work.

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