Keeping Well

My favorite type of homework is Math. Math being abnormally dry, the intense focus needed to finish, and the relative certitude that you finished correctly is a strangely satisfying feeling. I also like that I can accurately guess how much time the homework will take.

Meanwhile, there’s writing. I like writing in general. I like keeping them skills up and being able to passively or overtly be able to convey an idea with some precision. Positive and decorative framingĀ  in place, I’ll get to the point. I’m burnt. Sociology opinion paper and article reviews, English with research papers and dense reading, on average I’ve written two papers per weekend all semester long. With how I write, the obsessing and perfectionist tendencies, I’ve had enough.

Ironically, I write about it here.

I only have two more papers to really pump out. That research paper, which is that largest and most daunting, dogs me relentlessly. I’ve been procrastinating on that chore by attending to another. That “other” would be finishing up my last article review for Sociology. Naturally, I’ll persist to work on them, not without grumbling, though.

Speaking of burnt, my current workplace has me down. It’s not the job itself, no. The issue is that the pay and benefits are rock bottom with no real chance at growth. In short, I have no future there.

Segueing into good news, good freaking news, I have a new job. It’s the same job with a different company, vastly improved pay and benefits. I start soon. I have looked forward to this for a long long time. Even as I write on this the relief I feel swells. God, I needed this.

Other aspects of life are well. My former girlfriend and I are on good terms. Art, while neglected, is still alive and kicking in the back of my mind (Soon, my pretty). Family and friends all seem to being doing very well as a boon of blessings falls on and around people. Times are good


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