Kicking Up Dust

Mouse In My Beer

Mouse In My Beer

Dust from auto dealing hasn’t settled yet, thankfully the worst has passed. The entire car mess is much less hectic than it was, but there are times where I catch myself wondering what was missed. Uhg, fine, good, whatevs, time to move on, man. You’re a mover and shaker.

Getting the books eligible for distribution through Amazon and a few other of the larger stores still awaits. Turns out there was a little wriggly-piggly rule that was missed delaying the whole submission process. The oversight has since been rectified, we’ve returned to square one. I know they say 6-8 weeks, take that time frame with a grain of salt.

Ebooks. I wanna do these. Especially in knowing how easy it is for distribution. So little cost, so easy for customers. I’m a little gun shy, however. In the past, when I attempted to get an ebook made, something about the reader or the formatting or Adobe would butcher the book so that it was unreadable. The whole incident was terribly embarrassing. Fast forward to now and my current hesitation and trust issues. What I could do is just bite the bullet and give it a go, you know, to test it out. Do I want to do this with the deadline of a show looming? The added stress says no, the potential for more customers and wider availability says yes. Right now, the decision is rolling in the back of my head, it’s a luxury at this point. Maybe do, maybe later.

Show stuff draws nigh and as it does, so too does the anxiety ramp up. Gotta get everything perfect. If not, only bad things will happen. Frame more, art more, write more. More! Look at the time! Frame faster, art faster, write faster. Faster! More! Faster!

Ugh, that exhausting drumbeat.

Things aren’t so bad. Stopping to take a breath, perspective settles. This adventure, in the grand scheme of things, is closer to meaningless than meaningful. I already have subsequent shows scheduled. For the next year, more and more shows are being added for more outings. As planned. Anything wrong with this particular escapade will only contribute to the improvement of future shows. In short; it builds character.

This show’s significance is in being the first in a long time. Its also me attempting to reboot the art career. Am I excited about? Absolutely! Is it worth it to overly stress? No, not really. So, center, refocus, keep the eye on the prizewhile remembering to┬álet the chips fall where they may.

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