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Crime Scene

Crime Scene

Continued scrambling this week. This time, however, happily. Computer is finally up and running again. Remember how the most recent version of Odding and More Different were from all the way beck in December of 2014? Well, I think I found some files on the book from March this year, so way less time will be needed to bring those up to spec. Just about everything is done for the show. Actually, too much is done. Time to separate what’s for this show and what’s for the next. The show in Oregon next month will be that much easier. Aside from minor performance anxiety, I’m good.

I haven had a whole lot of time to paint these past couple months. I miss it. There’s something about the process and accomplishment that eases the soul. Like skipping a day at the gym or missing that morning coffee, the world is skewed. Functioning is a smidge harder. You know, just enough where you notice. In the near future, painting is planned. Let’s get the world right.

In the mean time, little things for the next book have been what I’ve looked to for my creative outlet. Mostly poetry. You’ll catch me in darkened corners mumbling to myself counting sylabels. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think I was crazier than a coo-coo clock. Nevermind that you’d be correct. Point is: I’m being productive, dammit! Crazy or not, I draw a nice picture and spin a good yarn. I do work hard to keep doing both. Take that, society!

There are high hopes to get these shows to work. “Work” as in: earn Steve a living. Even if that living is a modest one, I can deal. The incentive of freedom is very motivating.  A routine of getting up, gym, paint, then onto whatevs is a daily routine I could really sink myself into. Hunky in its fulfillment. That’s the dream, folks. Doing what I was born to do for the rest of my days unfettered . . . Insert longing sigh.

Alas, the best-laid plans of mice and men . . . something, something

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