Late Post

This post is being written well into the evening. 7:15 Pacific Standard Time to be exact. And what have I to show for it? Not a whole lot, to be honest.

Dicked around with the neighbor’s carpeting. Got it in a good enough place. Got it to the point where good enough was good enough. Soon after, gorged on pizza. Large 2x pepperoni, 2x mushroom. I am fat. Took a great, logy inspired nap. I was, maybe still am, sleep deprived. The nap was very satisfying. It is only now that I am sluggishly starting my day.

After the post, I have some framing to attend to. The gallery portion of the coming art show chose a couple of pictures, Bucked and Face Off. I will have them dolled up and ready forĀ  drop off early Monday. I have some submissions to send out as well. They’re ready, just need to write them to CD and drop them off in the mail. Monday is most likely for these, too. Behind all this, a lot of tiddly wink stuff; buy razors for framing, assemble some compositions, get a trailer ready to take to the junk yard. Mickey Mouse stuff. I’ll spare you the tedium.

I’ll confess I’m dragging. A large seductive part of me wants lazy disregard to happen. It won’t, I’m gonna begrudging be productive. I fully expect to feel better and in the swing of things. I expect that feeling to take hold very soon. Minutes. Maybe an hour.

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