Lazy Sunday

I will admit it. Today seems like a great great day to take off. To do nothing with but watch movies and play video games. To be the laziest man there ever was. It’s not gonna happen, though. No, I have things that need doing. Pictures painted, websites sharpened, blogs written; a bunch of promises I’ve made to myself. I don’t care much for breaking promises.

Just to keep me on track, let’s see what is being done. Painting: definitely. Website: eventually (tonight). Take pictures of my works in progress, get them all digital. I have a website that is offering me space to show stuff, get everything for that together and sent. That’ll be enough to fill the day, I’m sure. Be that as it may; no, never mind. I don’t need to heap more on the plate than I can eat. Work with what I have and go from there.

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