Lenient Slacker

Wow, when I’m lazy, I’m LAZY.

I’ve been stringing along my morning, the first morning I’ve had to myself in a long long time, and I’m doing nothing with it. Occasionally I’ll have a thought, the thought of, “I’d better get started . . . doing something.” Then I procrastinate just a little more and before you know it, imposing responsibilities like work or woman demand attention. Responsibilities I am happy to rise to occasion for.

When the responsibilities are soft, when there is no deadline or emergency, that’s when I get into trouble. I’m too lenient a boss and too slack an employee, combine those and you have yourself a feller who is in stasis all day for several days.

This issue is nothing new to me, I’ve always wrestled with it and I always will. The answer will be to introduce myself to a different environment, like art classes or an art group. As if I am not spread thin enough already. I complain but I like it.

I can see myself going to work and doing school for the rest of my days, which is fine, I guess. I accrue funds and knowledge. That way I can take care of myself and mayhaps a few others and . . .

Gotta run there’s an emergency, not life and death, just something needs doing right now! One of those imposing responsibilities I mentioned a paragraph or two ago.

2 Comments on “Lenient Slacker

  1. seems like you are a pretty bad(or good?) procrastnator. why don’t you try do a little skech every? just for fun? It’ll be kinda like a journal but with drawing? You can post it here too if you want

    • Lucky, I am an excellent procrastinator. Being a procrastinator comes with equal blessings and curses, it’s usually when I’m up against the curses that I’m cursing. Truth be told, I am sitting on a healthy little trove of sketches finished and unfinished, sharing them here is an excellent idea.

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