Life: You’re Doing It Wrong

Gift: Two Headed Zombie

Was shopping shows for summer, fall, and winter. This covid business has everything shut down or canceled. Things aren’t expected to get better for at least a few months and even after the virus junk, there’s a jittery economy following on its heels. Not to mention all the poor people who are getting over health stuff or financial debts or surprise health bills. This here situation is pretty stifling.

“F” is for fuck.

In times like this one usually looks to tallying blessings to soften the blow. On the brighter side of things healthcare and unemployment will be getting some much needed attention. People are generally better to one another in these tough times. It’s nice to see wholesome people or corporations practicing generous acts. Gives a feller hope.

Me personally, I’m doing fine. I’m gonna be fine. Got a teensy savings, got modest work, I’m in good health as are loved ones. If you measure my problems versus others’, I think I’d come out ahead a decent percentage of the time. Yay me but also, time to see what I can do to help the community.

I’ll wonder some. Try to figure out how to make the best of the situation. How to give more. Which is a decent mindset and skillset to practice. Hopeful, even.

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