Like a MoFo


Okay, okay, okay.

Okay! I get it!

I’m late with the new blog post. I’m late in sharing the art works. I’m a ghosting mofo who needs to get his shit together. Actions like this hurt us both. Especially given all the trust issues transgressed.

At least, that’s what I woulda said way back in the summer of 2019. I’m much less apologetic now. What’s changed? Well shit. Just as I get this page ready to go I can’t help but notice I have 144 blog post drafts. That’s a lot. It means I’ve been writing just now sharing.

I’ll share more.

I got me plenty of art. Sitting down for a few hours to get some needed creative therapy. (Lord knows, how greedy I am for that therapy. Especially lately. The focus hasn’t been anything absolute. Mostly just portraiture. Portraiture for a coupla reasons. Mainly cause it’s tough. That and to train myself into doing it with some efficiency and effectiveness. Wanna just wipe it out there when needed.

Or, whatever. So long as I’m doing something somewhat creative.

Later on you can expect me to rant about the goddamn art business. Another rant comes in the form of finding that ever elusive life balance. The grind, customer service, figuring out which persuits to follow vs which to leave behind, Yadda Yadda yadda… The list goes on and on. There’s plenty of fuel for material.

I’m not short for reasons to come here either. But, it’s like exercise. I can’t just do one perfect session. Gotta allocate some time and effort to it. Need to snip a little time off of working the job I or shorten the the fights with the girl I love, or staring at lofty projects. All soes I can come here onto the nets and attempt to build a shrine. Or, in a softer perspective, to contribute what I can to the world.

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