Yeah, autumn is in the air. The chill in the mornings and evenings leaves me slow to adapt. Coffee, I pray you help me.

Things are great. I’ve enough pictures framed to fill the booth nicely. That will stop me from framing more, though. Later, in the afternoon, I will do a little mock up of my booth. I expect it to be easy and carefree. Well, I’m sure there’s a couple of additions I can acquire for it, but nothing substantial, a fifteen minute run to Home Depot. Things are well on track.

I have a to-do list building in my head of what needs doing after the show. Things like: when I put up a resume on my website, include interactive links, Links that will take you to a picture gallery of the show I participated in. I think that would be nifty. Art is on that list too. There’s always art on the list. Start pulling some poetry together. In framing all these pictures, “More Different”, the book I slowly work on, has enough pictures; what it needs is poetry and formatting and we have ourselves a finished children’s book. The second . . . Yeah, that last task made me think a while. Another item on the waiting list, submit to more shows. There’s tons out there and lord knows I need the money and lord also knows I’m up for it. I am up for it.

Alright, I need to stop listing things, I can feel my antsy level rising along with each item I tack on that list. Let’s bring the perspective back to the here and now. Framing, booth, shop for last minute junk. I can do that and without getting achievement vertigo. Before I make that last minute run, though, I’d better draw up a shopping list.

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