Long Weekend

I’m a tad ahead of schedule. I’m a tad disoriented because of it. I’m never ahead of schedule. Always behind. These black and white illustrations for the book “More Different” were done yesterday. It’s only today, as I obsess over them, that I find out: they’re done. I’m beating a dead horse and refining the refined. Time to move on to the next stages of the project.

This all comes right at the cusp of a long weekend I’m taking from work. Tomorrow, the eighth of February, begins a five day orgy of, what I expected to be, illustrating. Now that I’m out of illustrations it’s on to designing and writing. To be frightfully honest, part of me wants to take a vacation from it all; just drink, eat, and enjoy the bliss of irresponsibility. Which would be nice, but won’t happen. It’ll all be an equal blend of book making, life enhancing, and dallying. This will be a great weekend.

Among the life enhancing junk is to start the ball rolling on getting back into school. I need an education so that I can earn a living. Never in my life have I realized that fact more than now, in my current vocation as a CNA. I work very hard; I earn very little. Gratifying as the job may be, I’m trying to get a little ahead in life. I’ll need an education to do so.

I concern myself over the details of taking a five year program at the age of thirty five but, eff it, it’s happening. Five years to write and illustrate books in my free time, to work honestly and earnestly at a job where I am under employed, to learn a few more of life’s lessons and become a better man for it all. Five years.

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