Lost Count


Missed a post yesterday. I’m trying to do this everyday. I’m still working out the kinks. Gimme twenty one days at this. They say that’s the time it takes to form a habit. So wait, if I missed yesterday, does that timer reset? More on this fascinating topic later.

I have a great deal of things I want to do. Activities and persons I would like to pay more attention to. Spend more time with. There never seems to be enough time, though. This is a problem not at all unique to me. It seems to be standard fare for most people. I’m sure we’re all begging the same question; how best to handle the limited time and resources we have.

Me, I’m on priorities now. Prioritize what is important to me and gage it’s importance with time and attention. So much harder said then done.

If left to my nature, you would conclude, and correctly, that the computer is the most important thing in my world. I spend a huge percentage of my waking hours mindlessly on it. Computer dieting doesn’t work, my brain just don’t do that. I am trying a different angle to where being in front of this thing can be a strength. Instead of shedding the fat, maybe I can be a sumo wrestler.

Wacky. It seems far fetched and desperate as I write it. Welcome to my world.

This is the part where my heart falls a hair and my mind looks for maybe another solution. Hand wringing. Over thinking.

Hi. My name is Steve T. Laws.

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