Either I’m getting older or these weeks are flying by faster.

Today greets me sore and tired. I slept in for about an hour. Still don’t feel refreshed, just feel more tired. Gotta get through today and tomorrow before rejuvenating over a weekend. I’m not sure what the rejuvenation ritual will look like, normally it is gorging on pizza and generous consumption of beer. Leaves me ruined that night but feeling much better the next day. You can count on the same happening again this weekend, I’m sure.

The to-do list hasn’t evolved much since last I wrote of it. Usual suspects on there; website, do some painting, use the camera and shoot stuff. The past couple of days have found me scribbling this here blog up, and a couple of hours tweaking the site. some time dedicated to penning a few small things. After that, it’s work and normal chores around the house. I am not so sure I’m intending it to all sound so humdrum, but,well, I guess it is. Were this a movie, I think they’d do a montage past this part.

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