Maff Task

Today feels like a Friday. I’ve done my work week, it started Sunday and it’s still going. I am still needed tomorrow. Week fatigue is here and I’m a draggin’. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be fine. I will appear, I will do my work, I will do it all well. Do expect my weekend to be filled to the brim with frivolity, though. Excess self indulgence.

My morning has me doing Maff (math). Yesterday had me self testing, thank you google and internet. Looks as though I have algebra down to a generous passing score. That’ll save me $500 and half a semester. More studying will be required for the next $500 and second half of the semester. Very attainable, though. I’m gonna squeeze that next test in on the 12th. Things look very bright and I’m feeling confident about the whole ordeal.

It’s nice to know I have plenty of smarts. In about two weeks time with fairly aggressive studying I’ll have passed two regular semester classes. I like that. I feel proud over the accomplishment. It gives my confidence a hearty boost.

Other than that, things remain quiet as I focus on this maff task. I like that I’m moving up the date to get the studying and testing out of the way. I’ll scrounge together some time and, with it, I’ll resume my efforts to be expressive and share nice things; in other words: art.

Soon, my precious. Soon.


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