Make Over

Make Over

Make Over. Watercolor on 15 inch x 20 inch paper.

“Make Over” is a piece that’s been in limbo for a year or so. I forgot I had it. It wasn’t until I pulled it from the dusty dusty archives that I realized it even existed. I archived it unfinished so I made a noble attempt to finish it and this is what I will put out. Cause I do put out. I am comfortable with the concept; the execution, well, I fear I’m never comfortable with the execution. The empty areas in the upper left and lower right make me wonder what I can do to fill those in. Be that as it may, some inner tingling tells me it’s alright. I’d better listen to that inner tingling. The inner tingling tells me it works. So I will submit this to public view and scrutiny and hope it passes muster.

Suddenly the weight of doing one of these every Friday hits me. I enjoy the challenge of being productive and making a nice body of work, I worry I will sacrifice quality for quantity. I can do it and I’ll do my best to do so, but I plan to do it for only so long before taking a respite. We’ll see how long “only so long” is. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m playing all of this by ear. I’ll figure something out eventually. Until then, onward ho.

There’s no “right” way to do all of this, is there? Just show up and work hard, the rest happens on it’s own. If nothing else, I get credit for showing up and working hard. Both virtuous traits.

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