I’m not even a week into getting back into art. Already my mind is dangling hopes and ambitions just outside my periphery.  I’ll make money and get some fame and so forth. This’s all gonna be so easy. I can do this. It’ll be sweet. And you know, it is. I can.

Here’s the “but.” BUT I have plenty of challenges in front of me, still. I’m not far from where I left off when I pressed the pause button on the old art career. Fortunately the skills are still intact. Not so fortunately, the obstacles remain.

Marketing is a necessity when it comes to turning a profit. Not just art but any business. I, and I think you’ll find this among a great many artists, stink at marketing. I illustrate this main thought by confessing to you I am supposed to be marketing now. I am not researching galleries, or art festivals, or submitting for reviews. Nope. Instead I am procrastinating by writing up a little article about my troubles with marketing. 

Indirectly, this blog counts as marketing. Yeah, I’ll give you that. What I’m saying is: This is a dodge of actually marketing. Not all the time. Just now. Soes I gots me some guilts. Not enough to ruin my day. Just enough to tell you about it and keep myself distracted. Dawdling in front of my fears. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on how it goes.

Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna see if I can sync up this blog with my website 

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