Mastering My Web

My day off was spent being a web master. Mastering my web is what I do when I am ahead of schedule, evidently. If you go there now, you’ll likely find some broken links and half done work. You’ll also run into some sexy, easy to navigate graphical experiences. Lord knows how or why I got all attached or inspired to do so, but here I am. Inspired and doing so. And I’m enjoying it. And I’m doing a good job. And it’s nice to have it out of the way. And I’m rambling . . .

Poetry is still being written. Or attempted. I have fun with it. I do. And I do a descent and honest job. I have this nagging worry though that my inexperience shows. That little neurotic quality control manager in my head; waving his clipboard about and being a judgemental punk smurf on a power-trip . . . That little spit. . . . Fretting aside, it’s getting done. And, when it’s all done, it’ll be fine. Better than fine.

I’ve gotten all I’ve wanted accomplished in this weekend. I struggle to think what else I need to do after I get the site all tidied up and a few more poems scribbled down. I guess I can poke about for more shows and submit to opportunities. Play some video games, maybe. Fix some leaks in the roof. Meh, who cares? I’ll figure it out when I get there. I’m gonna just worry about coffee, web-mastering, and poems for now. This last day is gonna be nice anyway I slice it.

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