Matchwork Patchwork


These titles display my recent forays into poetry. I am grinding hard. Wordsmithing is like an intensive game of solitaire. Get the idea, forge sentence structure, be mindful of rhythm, and rhyme, yeah, I can see why this is a respectable thing.

I’m pulling the old act together. Doubling down on meditation and exercise, oh, and time outside the house in the park or wilderness areas. The sun and fresh air are really delightful and conducive. However I do notice myself being distracted more by the birds and squirrels. Meh, fair trade.

This covid business is still a very real deal where I am. The hospital is still under lockdown. Tensions are still there, but I swear, fatigue has ebbed into the panick. People are tired of being overly clenched. It still sucks, but a general malaise more so than a panick. You can feel the desire to get back to normal.

Art is good. Feels good to get so much done. But I find I really need to keep on that mindful balance stuff. You know, the one where burnout is avoided. This business stuff is tough. Sometimes I wonder if I’m forcing things versus finding a better way. Other times, I’m certain I got the right formula. The polar dissonance is dizzying.

I swear I gotta make an artists support group or something. All the psychological chaos is exhausting. A little place for comfort and like minded company sounds nice.

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