I’m ordering a pizza. I will over eat and it will ruin me. I am chomping at the bit for this to happen. Pun intended.

I slept horridly last night. I am happy this morning. I suspect through delirium. Still, happy. It counts.

I have three, count them, three to do lists I’ve made throughout the week. I had a couple of occasions this week where I had fifteen or so minutes to spare and each time I’d grab a pen and something to write on and get to work. I will compile them and get things done. right when I’m done writing this. Maybe after I get ruined, too. We’ll see . . . Most likely.

I promised myself I’d take it all less seriously. Simplify and do what comes natural. Yeah, all at a leisurely pace, but that’s me. Leisurely. and paced.

eff it, I’m gonna order a pizza now.


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