I woke up an hour ago. I was content to stay in bed and listen to the birds sing and the planes overhead. What a good feeling. I love my bed; I love sleeping in, I love writing this blog, and, if it didn’t make things awkward, I’d love you too.

I went to an art show yesterday. It was small and nonchalant little affair, just a few hundred people through the weekend. I didn’t participate, I was just a spectator. I can’t recall when my ambition and greed last showed themselves. If I did a couple art fairs armed with my books, my mugs, and my prints, I’d kill. I would absolutely sell and sell well. I’d make in a weekend what it takes me three months to earn at my job . . . I’m getting a little tingly over it now. Suffice it to say, I will be applying to an art fair or two in the near future.

Not so much painting was done yesterday. Enough to let me sleep, but not a whole lot. Aside from the little art show and lunch with the family, I spent the bulk of the day setting up a little Zazzle account. Again, what they do is print images on merchandise. I will have them print my art prints and they had some sexy coffee mug options I couldn’t help but sign up for. Nothing is streamlined yet but what is there is worthy of note. You can find what I have available at: You’ll see more of this all in the future when I take some time to refine it all.

So while I didn’t paint so much yesterday, today will see lots of painting. I’m eager to get the one painting ready to show for this Saturday. I understand I’m rushing to finish and that some mistakes will come of it, be that as it may, I will fix those in the distant future. You know, after I’ve produced a number of other drawings and paintings.

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