Minutiae Tickling

I got the girl! Forgive me if I’m all smiles.

My thoughts as of late are: What now? How do I improve?

Money sure doesn’t motivate me. Never has. Only when I’m being grossly taken advantage of by those with money, does it become a concern. Sure, it’s nice to have, but after a certain point it’s . . . I don’t know, empty. These days, were I to become rich somehow, I’d be comfortable with the vast bulk going to charity.

Fame. This topic is more important to artists than they’d like to admit. Being an artist, I too am subject to the importance of notoriety. Fame lends itself to the credibility of a person and/or their endeavors. Any dubiousness i feel on the topic is displayed when art is injected for consideration. I think all of us artists are just trying to make what we find beautiful accessible to others. We attempt to take what tickles us and translate it to tickles others. In that sharing, good old fashioned human bonding happens between artist and audience. The communication of an idea or feeling being sent then validated is a beautiful and unusually uncommon act, at least the variety that touches the heart and strokes the soul. I guess that explains why so many vie for the process, for the off chance of being touched. Artist and audience alike.

So, off of the philosophical interpretation and onto the more practical application, what is my butt doing with fame? Not too much at the moment, I admit with a guilty chagrin. The desire for my art to be noticed is important; personally, I am content to be ignored. It’s a form of double speak, a push and pull of desires. I want the art noted because that is my personal contribution to cultural discourse. Me as a person, shit, I am not so special, unique, or important. The unexpected benefits of obscurity are freedoms and security. I get what I need.

What a boring post.

OK, back to practical. One might notice that the art I make and how it is shared is very compartmentalized. Go on them social sites I am slowly building up and you’ll see very little personal information. The sites have an aloofness to them. That is me emphasizing the art. People don’t want to be bored with my antics. They’re there for the art, and I’m all about that. For the select few who want to know more about me, this blog is available. It’s nothing interesting, just minutiae, yet there are those who find pleasure in the minutiae.

Alright, l need to stop stroking this.

I would prefer if I played less video games and allotted the freed up time to artistic and promotional endeavors.

Oh, and I’d like to be more giving. I’ve felt selfish and wrapped up in self interests for too long. I’d like to be more considerate and altruistic.

That wasn’t so hard, was it? Why all the over-thinking?

‘Cause I’m a sucker for minutiae.

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