Money Concerns

Finished helping grandma go grocery shopping. The rest of the day is mine to squander as I please. I’m still working on what “please” is. For now, I’ll get writing this sucker out of the way.

I put a Donate button on the website. Something that makes my pride wince. I also feel as though I am a spam bot what with my tweets and these blogs and the facebook stream that comes of it. This, my friends, is publicity. I know, I need to get over myself. No one’s sensibilities are hurt but mine and the gravity of the situation is magnified by my imagination alone. So let’s put it all in a different perspective, shan’t we? I will be like PBS or NPR: I am proud of my content and will do my damnedest to bring it to you commercial free, once every few months, though, expect me to make the miracle transformation into a panhandler who wields guilt like a samurai sword.

The shop on the site needs love and affection and items for sale. I already have a flagship item, a very lovely book. Getting more stuff is little to no problem, really. All this admitted, my procrastination is through the roof. At least on this particular aspect. There’s no legitimate excuse or reason behind it, its all in my mind. I recognize I’ll have to defy the trait and get it done . . . I’ll just do it a little later.

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