More of the Same

I’m not sure what to write this morning. Nothing new is happening. Well, with a post a day, is anything new really happening? I feel pretty blah; not up or down. Work still has me tired, especially with today being Saturday; my weekend starts tomorrow. I embrace weekends warmly. I still feel short of time for the upcoming show, a teensy bit anxious. I am still working on all that, frames, walls, products. I have two shows to make proposals for, I’m working on those bit by bit. I’ll pose for some new compositions this weekend. The past handful of days I’ve made a lot of lists. I have lots to keep me busy, lots to worry about and keep me nervous. I’m alright with my direction; if I complain, it’ll be over my velocity. I’ve always been that way, it’s gonna be OK. Thank you for humoring me.

For a while now, I’ve had thoughts about spamming this blog less. I’d still post everyday, only instead of posting to Facebook and twitter every time, I’d only do it three times a week. The logic is, and I’ve mentioned it before: It’s like a food journal. I count calories, mention what I did and didn’t eat, down myself, praise myself. In my case it’s: count production time, mention what I did and didn’t accomplish, down myself, praise myself. Interesting to me, tedious to the outside world. None of this undermines the overall effect, which is: Steve produces art. I worry and am trying to be considerate towards an imagined audience. An audience I project myself upon. I know that I would ignore all the spam and even find it detrimental . . . Uhg.

No changes will happen now. I’ll think about it more.

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  1. Well I read when it comes across my feed…which it hasn’t been doing…I had to come looking.. haha Catching up again.

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