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There are times where I feel like an under achiever. Recently, though, I resent that concept more and more. I don’t under achieve. I achieve just fine, even more so. If anything, I’m under-recognized. One of two things can be done about this. Either I can labor to bang my drum harder, promote myself more; or I can just make more work. Between you and me, I’m more comfortable making more work. Be that as it may, I concede that promotion has its place. I will bow to it by resubmitting portfolios to galleries and shows again . . . but later. First; I want to get the engine of releasing new works built and revved into action before doing so.

The euphoria of releasing books page by page is starting to settle down into a more subtle motivation, from an open burn to an ember. The more I think about it the more I love it. It works with my personal preferences and streamlines the whole process. Audience building, new material, book design, web design, poetry writing, are all packaged into a nice weekly or biweekly practice and all from the comforts of home. Less fussing and mussing for me as I leapfrog from worries over each individual topic and repurpose the entire effort into smaller more manageable bites. Being a man who lives by the philosophy, “Less is More,” the beauty catches me just right.

Money, I don’t expect to get oodles of money. In fact, about zero. That set’s just right with me. I’m looking for accessibility, notoriety, maybe a little respectability. The business model reminds me of PBS or NPR where money is cute but really, it’s the fascination with the topic on hand that motivates. The audiences probably won’t be large, the material possibly boring, yet, even so, it’ll all be true to itself and uncorrupted by commercialism. Besides, the freedom to not have to fret over finances is motivation enough.

As far as materiel, I have the fist book which is about 66 pages long. Depending on how I release that, it’s either 6 months or just shy of a year’s worth of material, again depending on how often I release material. The second book, which is also 64-68 pages and is inches from done, the same deal. I have the materials from books three, four, and five all nestled into ambitious plans that will be begun tonight.

I look to the future and it’s bright with beautiful things, I can’t wait to show you.

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