More Substantial

Slept me twelve hours last night. Stunned with that, not really surprised though. I have some sad in me. Nothing to concern yourselves over. Just give ol’Stever some time.

Now to jarringly switch topics to distract you. If I recall, yesterday I said I’d type something more substantial here. I can promise you lots of words. The substance behind those words I cannot vouch for.

Speaking of yesterday, spent a good portion of it working on the website. Getting Paypal “Buy Now” buttons and carefully placing those on the appropriate pages. Tweak a few design elements, erase a few mistakes. That whole thing is coming along. The store, the prints and merchandise especially, need getting to. And they will be gotten to; whether it’s now or later will depend on how I’m feeling now and later.

Painting also happened. I am looking at it now. It looks good and it is coming along at a dizzying pace. I fully intend to work on it today, but I also plan to slow my roll. Staring at a painting counts as painting. On that particular piece, I’ve done tons of painting, not enough staring. Besides, I have another painting in the assembly line begging me to apply pigment. While I am attending to that one, I can stare at the other. Efficient art. I’ve got plenty to keep me busy.

Soon I’ll need to take inventory of the pictures I have. I think I’m on the cusp of too many. Too many for the new book. if I am comfortable with the collection, I will switch gears to writing. Poems. Eek. Poetry is something I haven’t done in some time. And a form of expression I feel clunky with. My poems are no where near as refined as my illustrations. That confessed, it’s not gonna stop me. I’ll just have to put in the effort to make them better. And I will. They’ll be up to snuff when the time comes.

Alright, I’m going to cut it here. that should be enough to satisfy all three of you. I’ll be here again tomorrow scribbling down stuff for reading.

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