My anxiety level seems to rise as the work week goes on. I wanna get all the things done for the art show I may or may not have. If I don’t have that art show, I want to get another one fast. I’m not sure if it’s a healthy anxiety, but it is an effective motivator. As it stands I need me a handful of frames via thrift shopping, some framing supplies from the frame shoppe, and either easels or walls to hand stuff on. Submission wise, I’m being held up by an art resume. I know damned well where to find it, but digging through that junk will take time I haven’t found yet. I’ll use the time I do have to tidy up the rest of the submission junk. Prep some goods to sell while I’m at it.

I wanna paint. I have ideas taunting me. I’m also thinking about how to tweak my style soes I feel challenged and stay interested. This weekend will be productive.

These little tasks in tow, I’m feeling confident this weekend will go well. I’ve sworn off the alcohol, my eating habits are worlds better than a week ago, I sleep on a regular schedule. motivation and determination are stronger for it. I’ll never get as much done as I want to, or pretend I should, but I will definitely be productive. That’ll afford me some peace of mind.

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