New Deal

Alright, so I had me an idea and loved it. This idea is so inspiring I’m gonna implement it as soon as I can. The idea: make all the books free. Just release them page by page over the internet. I’m looking for two things with this idea, accessibility and putting forth my contribution to cultural consciousness, you know, contributing.

Money? Eff money. Quite frankly, I am tired of sitting on my skills waiting for the all mighty dollar to arrive. Fatigued with allocating time to schemes that will net a profit. I don’t wanna be in this for profit, I’m looking for fulfillment. I’ll get my money from my day-job.

For practicality’s sake, in consideration of money, I’ve bargained myself down to this loose concept of “whatever.” Let’s break it down. If people want to buy hard copies, I’ll make that option available. Later on, release digital copies via iTunes and Amazon. Lastly, on the site there is a little button available for contributions, a tip jar sorta thing, like a busker; you like what I do, toss me you’re loose change and we’re good. If not, we’re still good, have a nice day.

Clean and easy all around.

As soon as I am done chittering words onto this blog, I’m already getting started with redoing the homepage. Little tweaks and considerations for how best to sample Odding, More Different, or any of the future books online.

I feel excited and determined! I’ll be back later to write more on my efforts.

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