New Year’s Eve

I was called off work today. Along with the sick day I took Friday, that makes for a four day weekend. Granted I spend three of those four days sickly, and about two of those four days were slept away; still, I like it.

My productivity was nil. All except today. Today I’m killing it. No art done yet, and I stress yet. I’m just knocking things off my to-do list as I come upon them. Leaving the largest segment of time for arting. I’m about halfway through the day now. On my first of four “triple” beers. Banging out this blog is all I have left to do before art. Maybe make dinner. We’ll see. Being buzzed does affect my judgement.

Two pictures are being worked upon. One called “The Overwhelming of the Boys” where girls with teapots and barbies displace boys adorned in army fatigues. An adorable concept. The second is “Wrong Gift”, a working title, a Christmas theme where the girl of the family gets a BB gun and the boy gets a unicorn. Silliness ensues. Both are on large watercolor board. I’m sure I mentioned it before but 22″ x 30″ is the largest I’ve ever done. Size matters, folks. As much to the viewer as the artist. And to all the fellas out there wondering, it is not the size it’s how you use it.

Those two will be the last images i make for the book, after that it’s all poetry, poetry, poetry. I have my work cut out for me. I look forward to it even though I dread the procrastinating that will inevitably ensue. Aw well, thus is life, or, my life, at least.

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