Night Logging

So here I am trying to make this writing-before-I-go-to-bed thing a habit. I’ve gotten home, warshed my butt, nursed my beer and here I am. I am tired and ready for bed. My feet hurt and my brain buzzes a little.

Today was a great day at work. My coworkers work and work with me, Gladis and Kara, I heart you both. Stay great! Amber, who was awful-God awful, to me on Friday, really made me appreciate the good people I do work with. I was sure to express my appreciation to Gladis and Kara repeatedly through the night. I doubt they knew the depths of my thankfulness for them. They smiles and said I was sweet. Twasn’t sweetness, it was god damned selfishness. A declarative plea, “Don’t ever leave me!”

The dentist says my teeth look good. A minor “buckle” in one molar. The suspected culprit was fine. He recommended just a cleaning. I was and still am a bit puzzled. Even skeptical. Where the hell did this sensitivity to hot and cold come from? It came on pretty suddenly and still remains. I wonder if, in knowing I have no insurance, he’s just placating me . .  Do dentist do that?

Jesus, I’m fading here and fading fast. I surfed for five minutes and forgot this was even here.

Maybe I should rethink this night time writing thing.



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