No stamina

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Working on a birthday present for a friend. Because she’s a close friend the perfectionism is amped up. Spent a few hours yesterday. About four today. Can’t tell if I’m outta shape or it’s my age but I’m whooped. Like I tell all the girls nowadays, I don’t have the stamina I used to. Gonna have to lay off the junk foods and booze.

My dreams are like my stamina, they wanna accomplish way more than reality will allow. And that’s fine. I can roll with it. Because even if I don’t accomplish the dream, the collateral benefit of working towards something is well worth it. If the motivation behind traveling in that direction causes me to get my shit together, then, fuck it, let’s make haste.

Speaking of traveling, I’m all about traveling more. Chase some shows, visit some friends, enjoy the sites, and the quiet introspection the road has to offer. Road trips have a special place in my heart. Not to mention, a home to come home to and the quiet time found within is also a wonderful part of any trip.

With the virus business going around, there won’t be traveling anytime soon. Ontop of which, being cloistered in the house is definatley enhancing romanticized feelings about getting away. So I guess the choices now are pretty limited. Bide some time, make the best of it, and keep an eye out for opportunities to improve the situation.

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  1. It is funny. I am a homebody by nature…but now that we are all stuck at home (minus work).. I am itching to go somewhere too. We may go camping next weekend just to pretend to be doing that. We have to stay within the county but between BLM and dad’s property..might figure something out…

    • Yeah, this quarentine stuff is stifling everyone. Cabin fever is eating people alive. Do what you gotta do for self preserverance. Camping sounds like an excellent idea. Nature is a super nurturing environment, right? Hope that helps with the stir crazy jitters. I’m gonna recommend it to my friends.

      When you go out, for how long?

      • I can do about 4 days and then I am ready for my own bed. David would go for at least 10…LOL We both still have work so neither is really an option unless we go to Dad’s property and go to work and go back to camping..haha His client is on the brink of death (old age) so his schedule might be freeing up, which sucks for the paycheck but great for his mental health. Hospice is hard work. I like to camp. I am not in the mood to cook while camping tho. LOL It’s a problem. I like to plan and to now what is to expect too. Also gets in my way of being spontaneous. I need the mental disengaging too, I guess, so I can relax into it.

      • I’m glad you both have work. It helps a lot not to have of worry about that aspect of things. And, yes, hospice is tough work.

        Go camping. I get the feeling you’ll survive the chore of cooking and come out of the whole experience refreshed. Enough so to get you through regular life for a couple of weeks.

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