No Sweat



Another colorful commission.

Frames and framing equipment, those were the big chore to mark off the list today. Somehow, someway, beer got involved. There was a giddy blur, then a headache. . . No frames. What happened? I dunno.

What I do know is I am officially a small business now. All registered and proper. The luxury of doing my taxes four times a year instead of once is mine to savor. The dream has been realized. All jokes aside, being the real deal does come with some weird and exciting implications. In all the research and the paperwork and number munching, new challenges have come up. Satisfaction being found upon rising up to meet them challenges. It feels good, it feels right, feels dignified.

I’m  ahead of schedule. Which is why I’m not sweating today’s framing fiasco. Time and money have been budgeted to death. There’s time. Money and time wise, all that I intend to accomplish is affordable, even affording me (see what I did there?) a small surplus.

Things are going according to plan. Business vehicle is being purchased, my part of the paperwork, finances, and all that bunk is done. Same goes for the shows. I already have the merchandise and pictures together to do you proud. The shows themselves are a month or so off. A month or so to get frames and frame extra pictures with. High-five!

The excitement does inspire a desire to do create extra works and aggressively do multiple shows all at once. While this is very doable, I wanna pace myself. This is a long distance run, not a short sprint. We’re in it for the long game.

So instead of frames, I had a few drinks today and produced some art. One’s gonna be a gift, another a self portrait, and yet another an illustration for the book. All in all, the extra time is being used responsibly. A great reason not to sweat the little things.

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