November Check Ins

I slept great last night. It was so hard getting out of bed this morning. Luckily, a full bladder motivated me up and in to the day.

I’m feeling particularly carefree right now, which is dangerous. I have a small handful of obligations to sort out: books, commissions, website, school junk, among those pressing. The danger behind being carefree, the desire to ignore such things in favor of wanting to go play. Boy, do I want to go play. Alas, no.

I can understand those who would encourage me to do so, I lovingly hug each and every one of them. There is a sense of devotion that beckons, that reminder of discipline. There’s stuff to do, and they need doing. Immediate gratification will have to be traded in favor of longer term satisfaction, not without reluctance and a heavy heart. In time, the investment will pay off.

So, besides coming here and trying to write myself into a responsible mindset, what have I to report? Well, I ordered the first print or prototype of More Different about two weeks ago. I also ordered rush shipping on that sucker. I expect it any day now. Truth be told I expected it a few days ago. Oh well, when it comes I will make the appropriate changes and then order a ton to sell.

In the meantime, my attentions have been focused on bringing Odding up to speed. Syncing up the styles between the two books and, in Odding’s case, punching up some of them poems. All the poems, really. I feel much more competent as a poet now than when I first wrote Odding, a weird part of me demands I edit those poems so they’re more appropriate and pleasing. Things like obscure words or clumbsy rhythms have been gently sanded down for a more refined product.

Both books, Odding and More Different, are a great source of pride and accomplishment. I’m eager to share them and make those positive feeling contagious.

The more basic aspects of life are as one would expect. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all good, school, work, friends; all great. I guess what I mean to say is: they are stable and consistent and little has changes since last I spoke of them. Be assured those foundations of life going well and that I am grateful for each blessing.

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