Oh, How I love it…

Oh, how I love this chilly mornings. Armed with a blanket and a hot cup of coffee, my coziness level is off the charts. Like, man this feels good!

In the middle of a couple of beers last night, right in the sweet spot, I decided to advertise this little blog on Facebook and Twitter. It’s not much but it does leave me with reservations. Some of those reservations referring to embarrassing myself in front of two’s of people. I mockingly ask myself, “But what must they think of me?” And with a grounded knowing I answer, “They do not think anything of you because you do not cross their minds.” Which, wry smile, lets me do shit I’m normally too shy to do.

That little tidbit aside, yesterday was dedicated towards refining my internet presence. Updating links, tweaking layout, making future plans, It all looks nice. Or nice enough. There’s more work to do. There always is. Still, it’s a great way to spend a Sunday. Like gardening, making my small part of the world that much prettier. The satisfaction translates.

Knowing I have more to do on my site reminds me I need to create more content. Content for the site and for the three viewers I maintain. No problem-o. I have stuff in the works. I smile as I think on how I like to refine the hell out of whatever I make. Slows production down, sure; but ups quality. Not only the painting but writing, webdesign, book design, blogging, and life’s responsibilities . . .  

Pause. Here’s the time to dial down. I’m getting ahead of myself. Managing time and priorities and the billion or so projects I busy myself with. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing. A little art, writing, and self care each day. Let’s simplify, a little each day. There. Nice and succinct.

Sure, is nice to feel this cozy. I need to do this more often.

2 Comments on “Oh, How I love it…

  1. I was think about sitting on a porch swing with coffee and a super warm blanket last night in the middle of a rain storm. Heaven. I have neither of those things but someday. Lol

    I wish I could wrap my head around web design. I got started on my website and there she sits, unfinished. And I’m stuck. Lol

    • Oh, man! Those cozy times are just the bee’s-knees, aren’t they?

      Web design is a weird beast. You can get nuts and never be satisfied with the design. You can get frustrated cause you made a bunch of changes and no one noticed. You can get perfectionistic and lose yourself in all the tech jargon. . . I’d almost recommend gardening over web upkeep.

      Though, in afterthought, it’s like anything where the time put in shows.

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