One Day at a Time

Got me a mind that has enough trouble focusing on the present in the present. As soon as you introduce future plans, opportunities and hazards, the scope becomes too vast. My mind wanders too afar afield. So, I look down at my feet and remind myself regularly, here and now; one day at a time.

As a fellow who’s spent his life chasing false hopes, first, thought I could skate by with purely talent. Nope, lots of talent in the world. Next, thought work ethic would save my skin, instead, just got exploited. Never had the stomach for networking. I’m smart enough but wisdom is earned, and smarts alone isn’t much. Luck, well, guess I’m lucky enough to be alive and writing this. Turns out, success has a lot to do with a rounded combination of all these factors. Probably a few more I’m forgetting at the moment.

Nowadays, I’m now convinced it’s my routines that will save me. Focus on the fundamentals, the higher stuff can be adjusted to and easier. What are the fundamentals? For me primarily health, both mental and physical. So, all things considered, exercise, eating clean, sleep time and meditation high up on my list of priorities. I swear I feel off when I compromise an inch on any of them. And when they’re all in sync, I feel invincible.

Drawn out mantras aside, we’re settling into the semester. Difficulties are being ratcheted up. I would like to keep sharp for fear that, if i fall behind, I haven’t the “sprint” in me to catch back up. Healthy fears are keeping me engaged and honest. There’s still plenty of adjusting going on and i suspect will continue throughout. Any of the higher challenges, those are good for me.

Never have I been one who trusts authority or institutions. Convinced they’re self serving entities who’ll cheat me soon as i let my guard down. Yet here I am forking over hard earned money, putting myself at the mercy of the education system. I feel as though in my lifetime I’ve been betrayed or disillusioned by each. That said, with clear eyes, i can see a more pragmatic relationship. I can recognize boundaries better, recognize petty and not answer with petty. When not to over or under commit. Squeaks and pangs of adjusting aside, I’m rich on soft skills. How many life lessons have I learned the hard way? Whatever they throw at me, I’ll be fine, you know, given I stick with the fundamentals.

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