Out of Focus

Last evening whilst buried under the weight of work, my mind would tug at the thought of how to make art into a career. Flip a buck doing drawings. As I write about this now, I think about the phrase, “Be careful what you wish for.” Since I’m blank on what to write here, I’m gonna explore being careful. I’m also gonna count a few blessings. Just to remind me I’m doin’ alright.

The thing about chasing a dollar when one makes art is the compromise. I could find a career in illustration but then everything I draw is dictated by the man. Art becomes a lot less fulfilling when you are scribbling up someone-else’s idea. Commissions are almost the same with wider variables; it’s more dependent on how hands on/trusting the customer is. When I insist on drawing what I draw, and I do, salesmanship is the key . . . I had a tangent to explore here but I was distracted by my lack of coffee. With time ticking by, I’d better wrap this up. Long story short: If I insist on drawing what I wants to draw, getting a dollar from it will be reliant on doing what I don’t want to do. Whatever that may be. I have a few promising leads.

Lord, focusing is hard this morning.

On the to-do list: develop a little more with the website. Get the store refined along with a donate button. Some larger compositions are in queue. They’ll take forever to get through though, just a matter of eking out more time. Take some pictures of old stuff. Got all the equipment, might as well.

Dig deep and find some ability to focus. I got to get out of here and try a few other things. Believe it or not, I’ve been sitting and staring at this thing for about an hour and a half. Normally I have this punched out in about a half hour.

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