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Watering the Peace Flower

This morning finds me in the doctor’s office. I dont recall if I mentioned my bum shoulder or not. What happened was I tried to catch a patient who passed out. Between the wheelchair, the awkward angle, and suddenness, it yanked my left shoulder something fierce. Lots pain and limited range of motion for five or six weeks now.

Things are optimistic, though. Pain and range.of motion have improved considerably. Yesterday I was gently reintroducing that shoulder to the old work out regiment. Nothing too aggressive. But it felt really really good to get back into things. Feeling good about recovery.

Speaking of optimistic the rest of life is feeling great. I’m back on my game of self care and hard work. This is the me I like to be; honest and hard working. Whenever there is a deviation, it hurts. And I can get hard on myself trying to reset and get everything back on track.

Now that the course is nudged in the right direction. I’m eager to take advantage of the good feelings while they’re here. Lots of neglected chores and desired changes to give love and attention to.

Onto book making business. I have the script for my sidebook done, this will be the easier/light-hearted of the two books. And I’ve been grinding away on the main character design. Shes cute, but not quiet there. The main book has its title set. That’ll be announced soon. Sidebook will be called “Greta’s”… “Greta’s”… something. Ok, that title is still in the works. I’ll check in with friends about titles.

Anywhere, keeping honest and working hard. Just the way I like it.

Blazing Blazee


Work has been much much faster. Since the injury though, my personal work has been much much slower. I’m still capable of contributing to the unit, but in much less of a capacity than what I’m used to. For those unknowing, my left shoulder was violently yanked at work. I tried to catch a patient who passed out. Most likely a strain. Lotsa pain limited range of motion.

So today is the last day of this weeks work week. My “Friday” as we call it, despit it being Tuesday. As i write this my assignment is to stare at a sleeping man for the next eight hours. My job is to keep him from hurting himself. With some 95% certainty, this man will sleep through the entirety on my shift.

Job well done.

The challenge now is to channel the abundance of free time into responsible things. Like writing and prepping these blog posts, doing some exercise drawings, and, my favorite, hammering out prototype characters for the second book. So far so good

Im not sure if I mentioned it earlier, but im starting a second book this year. One aimed at a much younger audience. Its a happier less serious project than the one I’m grunding out. It gives me a reprieve from the overt focusing and refining of the main project. I betcha the light heartedness will bleed through. I’m excited! And excited to share!

The week ends prove a spicy challenge to me. Shit loads of work towards a never ending goal. The personal challenge is to not shrink from the work with booze and games. Instead Im cooking up ways to stay responsible and focused. Im positive I will share those experiences here as they happen.

Feeling optimistic and hopeful!

Conveyer Belt

I Promise

I swear to god, I have these posts lined up and scheduled. When a couple of days pass and two aren’t posted, it leaves a man frustrated and with trust issues. I did my part! WordPress app, you’re making me look like an incompetent fuck.

Moving on…

The era of sketches. I know it’s not much but these little seedlings will grow into good stuff. Give it time. I plan to post them as they progress.

Who knows why the title is thus. Probably has something to do with thoughts of production. I’m one short of a dozen large pictures to get ready for painting. These large ones are big deals, ain’t they? For one, each takes a lot of resources to produce. Time, effort, concentration foremost among them. Been grinding.

Writing and poetry is on task. About a third needs work the rest are good enough to go. Don’t you worry, though. My perfectionism will have me working onto and probably through release.

Here we are in, what month is this? May? June? And I’m still keeping up with two posts a week since January. That’s six months. Each post with an image. Fantastic! From what I read, 2-5 years is when the audience starts to develope. Audience, if you could develope faster, that’d be great.

There are still plans to get Patreon up and running. That’s where the WIP’s, first releases of the AAA content, and giveaways will be done. I’ll give that aspect of the business some attention this weekend.

When I take inventory and apply it to a timelime, things look good. I have titles figured out for the next three. Enough material started for two. If I produce with consistance, I can see myself releasing one each year.

Of course, I can’t tell if that is lofty optimism rose coloring expectations. I got super excited about releasing this one in Q1 or Q2 of this year but when I stood back the quality was a bit lacking. So now I’m aiming for Q3 maybe even Q4.

It has more to do with everything than just the book. It’s the business and life matters, too. I’m kinda doing this whole endeavor by my lonesome and it seems prudent to be mindful of limitations. Lord knows, soon as I overstep there’s a backlash. So, slow and steady.

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