Panning Wants

This morning is the early start to a long weekend. Four or five days to do whatever the heck I want. I’m sill sifting through the wants. Be assured, the next few days will be productive.

This week will the fourth of fifth  bi-week where new art will be released. I am proud of that consistency. I am happy to continue at this pace and plenty stocked with artworks to maintain.

With the new release, there will be a couple more online galleries started and the galleries already started will be tended to. As mentioned, this is to expand my exposure. Get that art out there. This endeavor has been as consistent as the art releases. The practice of audience building has lead to many more places to find the art, there are triple to quadruple followers from when I began. In recompense, the new friends and new art styles have been a wealth of positive reinforcement. I am in love with this activity and the trends.

Art, the creation of, will, as always, be gotten to. Boy do I have a lot of projects. That declaration is stated without an iota of stress, instead it is with bemused appreciation. I’ll just put a little time, love and effort into each one and they’ll finish when they finish; no rush, no muss. Heart lead and I’ll follow.

Among those projects is book stuff. No bold promises or declarations here, time will be invested and let’s see where that leads.

Life things will need addressing. Small stuff, really. Groceries, bills, and some goals that’ve been on the back burner for a while; get and use that gym membership, get and use that savings account, get and use that schooling.

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a happy man.¬† There is lots to look forward to, appreciated, and savored. That declared, let’s go cook breakfast and begin addressing them “wants”.

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