Passion Project

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That is what book three, four, and five all are, passion projects. I’m doing them more for me than for a target audience. It’s me flexing to show what I can do. And, if we’re being totally honest, the motivation behind books one and two are the same. These were made with great love and care. Firstly, to validate myself as an artist. Secondly, to set me free from the rat race and hurl me into a strata that would allow me to just plug away on art.

Well, guess what. Turns out the world doesn’t quiet work like that.

Been taking inventory of what I have done and what needs doing for book three. There’s still a lot of work there. I don’t know what part of me insists on some of the pieces being so huge, but there’s that part. It’s probably pride. Maybe with a dash of perfectionism. Probably both. Whatever the case may be, it’ll be more time. And a healthy amount.

I’ll be posting works in progress soon… They’re big pics.

As though I don’t have enough goddammed unfinished projects, I’ve been toying with the idea of making another easier smaller kids book for ages 3-7 maybe. One that deals less with overly cumbersome illustrations and poetry and more with the basics: letters, numbers, and shapes. And a second one on hygiene.

The logic goes, if I’m gonna self indulge on an overly crafted book for my pride, it’d probably be a good idea to put something out that’s more practical. That people and kids can use. And, on my side, get me refreshed and warmed up again on the designing aspect of book making.

No promises, mind ye. I’m way over stretched as is. I’ve gotta make sure I have a handle on the rest of business making. It can’t all be about making products. Gotta make a fan base, gotta advertise, gotta meet and greet. Gotta sell, sale, sail!

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