Pause Button

You know, I intended to scribble a little something down here two weeks back. I didn’t. I the intended to make up for it a week back. Again, I didn’t. Then yesterday and all day today. Nope. Same goes for posting art and networking through the social mediums: once, twice, thrice; denied. I got on the procrastination train; choo-choo, baby!

To put it pointedly, I felt and still feel overworked. No worries, I still go to my day job, I still do the book thing, I just wanted to carve out a little time for myself to do, well, what-the-eff-ever. Among the lower priorities were coming here being an ass, going to other online sites being an ass, and, well, just being an ass.

I feel comfortable with where I’m at in my endeavors. Work is fine, I’m nestled in and saving up. I’m down to the last painting for the book, numerous washes invested. The poetry is done and revisited often enough to remind me it’s done. After that, book design, copyright registration, then we’re off to the publishers, both self and submissions to the larger publishers.

Self promotion is the topic my mind wanders to often enough. You know, back in the day, I had a few thousand followers on Facebook. No, honest engine, I did. What happened? I shooed them all away in a reclusive funk. Now that I have earned back, shit, I dunno, a dozen or so followers, I’m beginning to suspect that being an ass, at least an online ass, might not be the best route for earning a demographic . . .

You know, I’m not being honest. Please allow me to clarify. As I reread this last paragraph, it’s not the act of promotion, it’s my desire to do so. By nature or conditioning, I am one reclusive effer, I just wanna be left alone to concoct little arts and crafts. If I can find the discipline to exercise, eat right, keep good attendance and a positive attitude at work; to paint, write, and design regularly, then dammit, I should be able to find a little something inside allocated towards sharing.

Then again, let’s not to get too serious. I’m still intent on finding a little relaxation, taking just a little more time to breathe and enjoy life. I am doing well, I am feeling well, and, after I’m feeling a little better, I’ll get back on that horse. Get the art out, try to be more outgoing, and, while I’m at it, be successful, too.

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