Internet, can I write something on you that will always be there? Yeah? OK, thanks!

I ate cookies for breakfast.

I need a new recliner.

Yesterday I did no drawing or painting. I sat in the room with the music way low. Staring at the wall with a notepad on my lap, you’d occasionally see me scribble down words. Words like: “Alligator”, “Taunting”, and “Winter.” Have you ever seen a raccoon forage for food in a stream or pond? You know, when they thrust their front two paws beneath the water and into the muck and mire. And when you watch those arms go, they furiously feel around for anything discernible, anything that’ll work as food. Yeah, my situation was a lot like that. Only instead of paws, muck, and food, the event was my brain, the ether, and ideas. In other words, I was fishing for inspiration.

I have tons of ideas. A healthy portion of which I toss away. The catch too small. They’re either overly silly or plain incoherent. When they’re gold, I treat them as such. I tuck them away and tell no one until the day I redeem them. I’ve found that straddling the line between garbage and gold comes in the form of pencils. “Pencils” being short for pieces drawn and shaded in graphite. These pieces usually contain fringe content; cartoony characters interacting with cartoony characters in abstract ways. Not all of my audience is capable of or wants to read cartoony scenes. In knowing this, I try to use only my “B” material for these scenes. Long way around: I am shifting gears to do pencils. I’ll do a small series and keep you posted. Literally and figuratively.

I have the regular stuff on the agenda otherwise. You know, website, sales, publicity, the usual suspects. Frankly, I’m content to produce content. It is where I am happiest and, dammit, I want to be happy. So until necessity demands or inspiration dictates, I will be focusing on painting and drawing for the time being. I’ll get to the other tasks when I’m good and ready, procrastination be damned.

Have a good day.

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