This morning finds me pensive. Reflecting upon anything and everything. It’s good, it’s bad, and it’s there to be accepted no matter what form “it” takes.

Art goes well. I have a number of works in the process and a few in surplus. I’m tempted to start a thing where I release a pic a week. “A thing” being just a press release or some such. The only thing stopping me from that idea is a past me. Me and commitments, we don’t mix well. I don’t know if it’s the artist in me, the rebel, the coward; I’m certain it is me, though. Not me at my finest, regardless, I work with it as best as I am able. The reason I take you on this long meandering tangent is an attempt to explain my reluctance. Maybe even a way to delude myself. I want to avoid making promises I can’t keep. I’m loathe to disappoint.

Eking out time for poetry, website, publicity, and opportunities is, well, I’m not sure what it is. No poetry, not yet. The website has snagged on the store being finished. Publicity, I do blog and I do tweet, but I do not expand my market; I over saturate the six people who pay attention. Opportunities, those startle me when they come a knocking. To my knowledge, all’s quiet.

Alright, dear reader, this is the part where I thank you for indulging me. The list will always be never ending, my attachment to the list will always be with much anxiety. It is what it is; I am how I am. I fully intend to keep doing what I am doing. The rest. I will allow time, the universe, god, whatever; I will allow the rest to be decided by whomever decides such things.

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