Pep Talking

I didn’t post yesterday. I just didn’t have the heart.

I’ll be finishing and posting “The Great Cookie Caper” later today. I can’t tell if it will be successful or not. Some of the techniques I used are without precedent, at least for me. I still can’t decipher if it’s riches or ruin. Oh well, I think I ran out of steam with that picture about a week ago. I’ll post it today and hope it’s successful. If it is or if it isn’t, I plan on returning to the painting in the unspecified future and applying touch-ups. I know this because I touch up all the paintings.

I would like it if I spent a little more time prepping for the upcoming show. D0n’t get me wrong, I have been prepping. The hard part is done, all the paintings are painted. Just a matter of framing the bastards and figuring out the best way for display. Come to think of it, figuring out the best way to display is what’s really bothering me. I still haven’t answered the nagging question. I’ll clear my mind and do that very soon.

Time for a quick reminder to myself. I need to keep blogging. Not for publicity’s sake, but for mine. I need to remind myself often, daily, that I have responsibilities to attend to. Things I’d like to accomplish. It is easy for me to procrastinate; too easy. While it feels great at the time, I pay later in the form of guilt and remorse. I like my paintings. I’d like the world to like my paintings. I doubt more paintings will happen or more people will enjoy them if I lost myself in dawdling. The onus is on me to create and to share.

I understand this sounds like a self lecture, it is. Thing about it is: there is a caring undertone to it. I’m another guy doing the best I can with what I have. And this is me mustering up discipline. Not so much that I oppress myself, just enough so that I can be proud. Genuinely proud. No asterisks. I mentioned in past posts how easy it is for me to succumb to vices, and it is dangerously easy. This is me balancing the scales. It’s a delicate thing: living life just right. Like anything that really matters, it takes work. “Work” insinuates labor, discomfort. There are those times of discomfort and labor, the effort transcends those times. The fruit borne from such effort makes it all worth while . . .

My meditative moment has passed. I’m gonna coffee and flow from coffee right into painting. I’ll update y’all tomorrow.

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